Recoveries atlas

Online and books

Each year a substantial amount of ringed birds are recovered. This makes us able to gather knowledge about where the different species have their breeding ground, migration flyways and wintering grounds. Ringing of birds also provides information of how much time birds spend on migration, how old they get and what the most common causes of death are .This is important data which is used for research and conservation.

Recoveries Atlas (2021) shows where and when Norwegian ringed birds are found, and in addition all the foreign ringed birds that have been recovered in Norway.

Norwegian Bird Ringing Atlas presents the results of 80 years of bird ringing in Norway, and is published in two volumes. Norwegian Bird Ringing Atlas Vol. 1 (publ. 2003) covers the species from divers to auks, and vol. 2 (publ. 2006) the species from doves to passerines. The books can be bought at Stavanger museum, Revtangen Bird Observatory and Natur og Fritid AS